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According to Office of National Statistics UK

Nearly half of employed recent graduates were working in a non-graduate role. Jobs that do not require graduate level knowledge. 

At Zenux, we want to make education more meaningful by setting the right foundation for graduates at very early stage.

Helping them to choose the right course for the university education, develop the skills required by the job market and enabling them to establish the professional career in their field of study. 

We believe that graduates with right skill set can add greater value to their family, society and nation. 

ZENUX Group founder came to UK as an international student and started his professional career during the 2008 Global recession and worked in large global technology companies while travelling the world and becoming a British Citizen

  • Working from one company to other 
  • From one role to another
  • From international student in UK to British Citizen

He not only developed a solid experience at difference levels in professional career but also gained an in depth knowledge of UK Visas and Immigration

This lead him to believe that if you work hard and put the effort in right direction and have the right guidance in place, 10 years journey can be done in 1 year. 


Supporting you throughout your journey from being a prospect student to live a happy life in UK

Course Selection

We believe that right course selection will lead to successful future professional career.

Scholarship Advice

Why not get some extra discount from your fee to help you save little more for better living

Accommodation Help

We know how it is like being away from home and would like to make it easier for you

Skill Development

We know the skills that employer is looking for to make your CV tick for the employer

Post Study Work Visa

Without work visa you wouldn't be able to work in UK and wouldn't be able gain worthy experience

University Selection

There are number of factors based on individual circumstances involve in right university selection

Visa Guidance

A right advice can always lead to getting first time right for getting a visa

Part Time Job Assistance

We know that it is not expensive to live in UK , why don't we help you meet these expenses

Career Counselling

With the right guidance your 10 years journey can be done in 1 year

Point Based System Visa

Having the right guidance can make it easier for you to settle in UK

University Admission

We will you get the CAS letter which will help to make successful visa application

Pre-Departure Briefing

Our presence in UK can make easier for you to live in UK to help you on all of your local needs

Internship Assistance

Having the right experience can help fill your CV for getting better paid professional career

Professional Career

We know thats the ultimate goal for the doing all the effort and thats what we are best at

British Citizenship

Live happily ever after in one of the biggest world economy and land of opportunities

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We are proud to have have helped over 500 people realise their dreams

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